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Photography: A Tribute to the Replacements (Minneapolis, MN)

A Tribute to the Replacements
First Avenue (Minneapolis)
Flickr Gallery: A Tribute to the Replacements

89.3 The Current (Twin Cities)
The Japhies (Minneapolis)
BNLX (Minneapolis)
The 4ontheFloor (Minneapolis)
The Melismatics (Minneapolis)

A Tribute to the Replacements

David Campbell and Jim McGuinn of The Current


The 4ontheFloor gets ready

"Pony" Hixon-Smith of the Melismatics

The House Band featured many different singers

This man was a ball of fire!

Reed Wilkerson of the Japhies diving back onto stage!

Photography: Willie Nelson Black and White

Willie in Black and White from this past summer

Photography: A 10th Anniversary Tribute to O Brother Where Art Thou

Up From the Delta: a 10th Anniversary Tribute to O Brother Where Art Thou
The Fattenin’ Frogs (Minneapolis)
The Lily Pads (Minneapolis)
The Boys N’ The Barrels (Minneapolis)
Ritz Theater (Minneapolis, MN)

Flickr Gallery: Here

The Boys N the Barrels

The Lily Pads

Some B/W for ya'll

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Photography: Morning Ocean Shoot (Salsbury, MA)

Check out the photos below, and check out more photos on my Flickr account here: Morning Ocean Shoot


Newburyport, MA

Pretty sure this is right before my feet became submerged.


Photography: Salem, MA on Halloween

I have not been out to a show is some time, but I did make it out to Salem, MA on Halloween night and snapped a few photos…

The full photo set can be found of my Flickr account here: Halloween in Salem, MA

Shadows in the street

This guy knows how to out together a costume!

Secret to a scary costume? Hide your face... unless your face is horrifically disfigured already.

A Christmas Carol.

Did she just move?